The Band

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The Band
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  • This incredibly durable cotton band has the rice grain sleeve on one edge and the gi collar on the other edge.  It is a tremendous training device perfect for all types of pulling exercises.
  • This product allows judo players to improve their specific needs while remaining on the judo mats!  
  • It is an alternative to a weight training room – reducing the cost and need for specific space!   
  • Check out Adidas Judo Facebook for several exercises 
  • Use it for pull-ups by throwing it over a bar, wrap it around your partner's waist to strengthen your pull and create explosive power.  
  • Drag your partners across the mat and create games for your kids to play.
  • Machine Washable, just throw it in with your judogi.
  • Color: White. 
  • Dimensions: 8 inches x 79 inches

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